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Naresh is a Reiki Grandmaster and NLP Master Practitioner and trained to advanced levels in Pranic healing and Thought Field Therapy.

Naresh Saraswat is a Reiki Grandmaster and NLP Master Practitioner. Additionally, he is trained to advanced levels in Pranic Healing and Thought  Field Therapy (TFTdx). Naresh learned TFT from Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder and developer of Thought Field Therapy.

Naresh is a graduate in the Silva Method and has been practising Ultra Healing since 2000.

He is a believer in lifelong learning and development and has been trained by and alongside some of the best practitioners in the world. He has been providing training and development since 1996 and holds regular community sessions in Berkshire, UK. He is available for bookings in the UK and Worldwide.

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